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July 5, 2013
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Ashelia and Mateus by x-FFantasy-x Ashelia and Mateus by x-FFantasy-x
Here's my contest entry for :iconfinalfantasybeauties: find it here finalfantasybeauties.deviantar…

I love Final Fantasy XII, Best FF game I had played so far ^-^

I don't even had idea how many hours I spent on this...I mean Mateus wasn't easy to draw... All those details x.x
But worth every minute & hour

Feedbacks are appreciated

Update: I won 2nd PLACE !!!! :'D
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I got into that battle by accident and was SO unprepared.  This is a great drawing!  I'll believe it took forever.  So many little stripes and lines all over the zodiac...  ^_^
thanks ^_^
the only thing I remember of battling Mateus is me chasing the ice elemental xD always getting in the way!

It took me days to finish it & get all the details right

KUPO! this is awesome,Mateus is my favorite FF XII esper,and Princess Ashe one of my most favorite FF ladies :)

Thank you, Kupo!
I love Mateus, and Ashelia <3
I think they're great duo when it comes to battle : P

Fantasy-Fashionista Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I have got to say, this is absolutely AMAZING. The details are just...just...WOW. *-* This must've taken a lot of patience, I bet!!! X.X

Stunning work. :heart: :D :D:la:

Thank you!
and yup, A LOT of patience 
This drawing will remind me to do not attempt to draw anymore summons xD
they are so complicated x.x 
Fantasy-Fashionista Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

You're welcome!!!

And ugh, it's like my Lulu pic...I just look at it and I'm like "Dang! I had the actual patience to make THIS??? X____X" Not sure when I'll ever draw Lulu again, her outfit was hard as hell, with all those freakin' belts, Christ. :faint:

But you did an amazing job on this, I'm quite envious, you're awesome. :heart:

Your drawing of Lulu was awesome :D
is kinda surprising the patience we artists put in a drawing.
her outfit is complicated, if you dont wanna draw the belts again you have the option to draw a waist up of her :)
(kinda like i did with mateus, saving myself from its tail lol)

and well at least you can draw anthros ( I tried before and it looked like a hot mess of fur x'D) 
Fantasy-Fashionista Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks so much, I'm still quite proud of it. I just don't know if I draw her again, it will come as awesome as it did a second time. And true, I could try that. But it'd be better practice drawing her whole outfit, even if it's a royal pain.

And thanks, I got kinda wonky with anthros since I stopped drawing them for while since I wanted to practice more with humans. But gladly I'm getting into drawing them again. :D

And really? I'd think you do a much better job with anthros, you are quite skilled in art. :) Me? I'm average. XD

sWeeTsTiTchEs Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Zohmagawd. ;-; I can safely say, this FUCKING EPIC. :3 I seriously love their expressions, the coloring, the body proportions...the shading! Hnnnggg. Cx This is brilliant. I hope you win the contest. :iconwheeeplz:
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